I. farm farm 1 [fɑːm ǁ fɑːrm] noun [countable]
1. FARMING an area of land, used for growing crops or keeping animals as a business:

• a 3000-hectare maize farm

• Farm exports account for 70% of New Zealand's exports.

• a dairy farm (= one producing milk and milk products )

co-ˌoperativeˈ farm FARMING
a farm owned and run by a group of farmers as a co-operative
ˈtruck farm FARMING
an area for growing fruit and vegetables for sale; = market garden Bre
2. FARMING a place where particular fish or animals are bred as a business:

• a trout farm

• a mink farm

— see also cube farm
  [m0] II. farm farm 2 verb [intransitive, transitive]
FARMING to use land for growing crops, keeping animals etc:

• His family has been farming the same land for generations.

• organically farmed produce

farm something → out phrasal verb [transitive] informal
to send work to other people, especially people outside your company, instead of doing it yourself:

• Some of the work can be farmed out to freelancers.

* * *

farm UK US /fɑːm/ noun [C] PRODUCTION
an area of land, usually with fields and buildings, used for raising animals and growing crops as a business: »

My family has worked on this farm for generations.

farm building/machinery/equipment etc. »

Pieces of rusting farm equipment lay abandoned in the long grass.

farm worker/labourer »

Farm workers' wages fell sharply towards the end of the century.

a sheep/pig/dairy etc. farm »

His parents ran a small but profitable dairy farm.

a place where fish or other animals are bred: »

a trout/fish/salmon etc. farm


Animal Rights activists demonstrated outside a local puppy farm last weekend.

See also CUBE FARM(Cf. ↑cube farm), FACTORY FARM(Cf. ↑factory farm), TRUCK FARM(Cf. ↑truck farm), WIND FARM(Cf. ↑wind farm)
farm UK US /fɑːm/ verb [I or T] PRODUCTION
to use land to grow crops, raise animals, etc.: »

This area has been farmed for thousands of years.

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